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The Pecan Trees

Opened within the past couple years as demand has pointed toward a more rustic and natural setting, these three fully mature, towering pecan trees make a charmingly country backdrop for your wedding ceremony. Located on the outer edge of our property in a vast open field, these old pecan trees appear to be strategically placed right between a large peaceful pond and rows and rows of bountiful grapevines. Sometimes Mother Nature really knows how to make us stop and stand back in awe of her splendor.

Decorated with Chinese paper lanterns, mason jars with candles, string lights or simply nothing at all; these pecan trees can take on a lot of different styles and showcase them all beautifully! Designed by Mother Nature, there are no ceiling fans but there is plenty of shade cast off these trees, providing a cool and comfortable viewing experience for all of your guests. As your evening ceremony progresses, the sun begins to set and the trees and grapevines take on a warm golden hue, creating remarkably radiant photos when you are deemed Mr. & Mrs.

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